How to Write a Software Installation Guide

In the latter case, Oracle Universal Installer offers you a choice of Oracle base directories to install Oracle Database. When you install the Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server, Oracle Universal Installer configures the single-node version of Oracle Cluster Synchronization Services (CSS). You can install this release more than once on the same system […]

8 Real World Use Cases for Robotic Process Automation in Finance

Alternatively, read the purchase order number or service received number from the email and fetch the digitized document from the core system. Auto-ingest the details from this purchase order or service received document and route the details for invoice creation by using RPA. “While business requirements can be negotiable and are subject to improvisation, accounting […]

List of top United States Security Companies Top 10K

McAfee is a global security software provider renowned for its award-winning consumer and small business cybersecurity solutions. McAfee’s leading solutions include antivirus, identity monitoring and a secure VPN, all of which offer SMBs with comprehensive protection against web and endpoint-based cyberthreats. Netskope is a cybersecurity provider that specializes in cloud-native data protection and threat prevention […]

Understanding How a Solution Architect Impacts Successful Projects

By streamlining implementation and operation, these architectural artifacts become invaluable tools in driving project success. As the bridge between technical teams and business stakeholders, strong communication and interpersonal skills are crucial for a Solutions Architect. They must effectively articulate technical complexities to non-technical personnel and facilitate discussions to drive consensus and decision-making. Familiarity with DevOps […]

Difference between Mobile App Testing and Web App Testing Blog Cachaçaria Nacional

Selendroid can also run parallel test cases on several devices simultaneously. Despite the difference between mobile application and web application testing, they still have some tests in common. For example, both require functionality, performance, change-related, usability, compatibility, localization, recovery, and even certification testing. Based on this information, allow us to help you choose the best […]